Monday, August 8, 2011

'Roll together, die together.' The FP review

by Yojimbo
The Trost Brothers made a movie you need to see. It will change you.

Now pay attention.

The badassery on display in the film constant, hilarious, straight-faced and, well, badass. Not the rough kind that we’d get from Dirty Harry or Snake Plissken, or the over-the-top kind like Macho Man Randy Savage, or even the honorable kind in the likes of Atticus Finch. No... think more like the story mentality of The Warriors with costumes and set design from The Return of the Living Dead speaking like they all came from some Mythical Ebonics Trash Talk 101 class. Let me (try to) explain:

The FP takes place in a futuristic(?) Fraizer Park, California. There are gangs that all want control of the mountain town, and will settle all disputes with a Beat-Beat Revelation showdown. So when main character JTro’s bro goes down, yo, and he leaves town for a year, The FP goes to hell under the domination of L Dubba E, a rival gang leader who looks like a cross between Mr. T and 2015 Marty McFly.

JTro gets commissioned by KCDC and old friend of hid older bro, BTro, to come back to the FP and Beat-Beat to victory. The story follows the common ‘prodigal returns, meets old flame, gets inspiration, does training montage, has final showdown...’ Despite all of the reused story lines, the movie is incredibly funny and smart (which honestly surprised me). The vernacular that the Trost Bros created is amazing. They seem to speak only in trash talk/wigger-speak. Where Malibu’s Most Wanted failed so very, very (very) miserably, The FP succeeds and then goes beyond conceivable possibility and, perhaps, decorum. (Ha.) It is never repetitive and had me falling out of my lawn chair gasping for breath.

That’s because my brother and I drove to The FP to see The FP as put on by the Cinefamily and The Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow. With filmmakers and stars in attendance and locals and non-locals alike yelling at the screen “You got this JTro!” and “You know you want that dick!” it was pretty fantastic. Also the parking attendant called my brother and me assholes, but that’s neither here nor there.

There is some really solid comedy work going on here that makes me excited to see the promised FP 2.  There's one scene in particular that practically killed me due to asphyxiation when the morning of the big Beat-Beat-off, (Ha.) JTro tries to save Stacy from her dad and L Dubba E... well the rest won't make sense and I couldn't possibly do it justice.

Basically, The FP is the kind of high-quality, thought-provoking cinema that you will be discussion for hours. The attention to detail and color is second to none and the dialogue will be dissected (a la A Clockwork Orange) for years to come. Seek it out, have your mind expanded, eat a Spaghetti-o and Waffle sandwich and roll together, die together. Hell yeah.

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