Thursday, August 11, 2011

Music Video Review: The Seven Fields of Aphelion - Michigan Icarus

~By Mr. Krinkle
Lights, trees and roads swirl seamlessly in front of me. Everything is moving. Everything is alive, coordinated with melancholy and emotion. The juxtaposition of power lines and nature sets the tone for The Seven Fields of Aphelion's music video "Michigan Icarus." Emotional, bittersweet piano melodies and surreal, atmospheric synthesizers create a soundtrack to a kaleidoscope of images that constantly dance in rhythm with the music. The sparseness of the song and of what is happening visually is really impactful and effective in creating such a rich ambiance. It's impressive how imaginative art can be when said art is presented in such a simple way. No amount of complexity can really account for the aesthetic of stepping outside and bearing witness to unfathomable landscape laid out before us like an oversized canvas we can step into and change. This video accompanied by such an emotionally captivating composition is a constant reminder that beauty does exist within nature and inside of the things that humans can create.

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